Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Why, there is deficiency of numbers of MBBS/MD doctors in India?

For long time, I'm waiting and want to go for check up of my stomach, upper abdomen pain but due to high consulting charges of doctors I'm quite afraid & not able to decide where to go. Government hospitals having huge numbers of patients in queues that will consume lot of my time.

When I go to private doctors they ask me for lot of check ups that charge me in huge amount more than approx INR 8,000.00 , that also seems big amount for me to pay then how the common people can afford to pay.

One of my well know MD doctor(Dr. Satyejeet Kangle-Dermatologist/Hair Transplant Surgeon) has given me a advice 3 month back to purchase a particular medicine and use for hair loss treatment, but still I am not able to purchase that medicine of cost only INR 5,00.00/- per month then what about others who's earning is less than INR 8,000.00/- per month, can afford to purchase.

I tried to just figure out the main cause of high cost of consultations and deficiency of MBBS/MD doctors in nation, a medical specialist at my working place explained me in clear way ,why the cost of every things is going up in case of "doctor-patient relationship".

1.) Education fee of MBBS doctors?

 In government colleges, it varies around INR 6,000.00 to 2,00000.00/- for full course duration(5.5+ yrs).

In private colleges, it varies around INR 16,00000 to 52,00000.00/- for full course duration(5.5+ yrs).

2.) Number of seats per year?

It's approx 64,642 in 2018. It's means that 1 doctors can look up approx 20884 patient out of 1.35 billion in one day in case, if everyone got sick at the same time.

Now, I will tell you real story:

In private hospital what happening now a days, one doctor see approx 1-20 patients in a day with sort description due to time constraint and write several physical/blood tests from desired pathology/radiology lab. Now you imagine how he/she should charge to recover his/her education fee. For example if he/she charge INR 500/- per patient then education fee would be recoverable after 12, 400, 3200, 10, 400 in organic visits or [something different with different consultation charge, treatment commission from hospitals and MR(Medical Representative)] , doesn't matter whether doctor got education from government or private college.

But it's not end to recover only education fee but also matter of prestige, life style, flat, cars, children's education,own hospitals etc., that's the reason why does an ideal doctors turns in to businessmen and dream to be  billionaires like others, but it's not bad in my point of view.

But my point is that why government are not funding to establish more government medical colleges in nation which all those can produce huge number of doctors like an engineers so that every patient can get in touch with doctors with minimum consultation/treatment charges easily and get good consultation without hurry and chaos with better and affordable treatment option.

Unfortunately government can not do.

If they can do the same what I'm thinking then who will pay to government "to run" in form of taxes/various license fee etc, which is nothing but resource of politicians to purchase luxury cars/flats/fields/funds to invest in various elections etc.

I'm not able to think if we all are fighting with together to be billionaires only without any compromise  then what could be the end product of business competition.

Note-1: It's just a rough figure, exact figure could be more complex and difficult to analyse.This post is just for common awareness not for legal assessment.

Note-2:There is a another option,"Health Mediclaim" but everyone having not mediclaim due to lack of reach of mediclaim's agent,time,awareness & personal interest in rural areas as well as urban areas.

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